Before I was Your Mother

You know you have adoption on your brain when this book catches your attention at the library and you automatically think that the story line is some sort of foster/adopt scenario.

Anyway, “Before I was Your Mother” by Kathyrn Lasky is, instead, a book that is told by a mother, to her daughter.

“You know, I wasn’t always your mother. I used to be a little girl like you. I had a best friend named Ruby and a dog named Eileen and we loved to do silly things together…..I wasn’t always your mother, who knows how to cook and fix broken things. Once, I had legs that didn’t reach the floor. I sat on a stool at the kitchen counter….”

So it got me thinking…..

I wasn’t always your mother, telling you to pick up your Little People.Once, I played with Little People too. My doll house had a yellow roof, and the toilet didn’t flush, but I played with it for hours.

I wasn’t always your mother, telling you not to eat so much raw cookie dough as we roll out sugar cookies together. Once, I ate and baked pie crust scraps when Grandma baked, and Uncle Brian and I always licked the beaters.

I wasn’t always your mother, telling you to “stay on your bed!”. Once, I used to sneak (very quietly) downstairs and watch TV without Grandma and Grandpa knowing it.

I wasn’t always your mother, telling you that this is the last game of Candyland for the night. Once, I played Candyland, Cooties, Chutes and Ladders and Uno with anyone who would sit down with me.

So….you weren’t always someone’s mother. What were you like??

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