Baby Bottle Saga: Final Installment

Here it is, the third and final installment of the Great Baby Bottle Suck-Off of ’08. In ’09, because I’m timely like that. In August, I described the contenders. And now, after months of continuous use, I can declare a winner.

The Gerber BPA-free cheapo bottles win! (I’m sure there’s a technical name, but at the store, find the cheapest Gerber bottles marked BPA-free, and this will be them. We are talking less than $4 for a 3 pack)

The spitting up and the gas, I think, for the most part, were an age thing. We are revisitng the spitting up thanks to solid food and teething, but the gas has subsided. After doing days of exclusively Dr. Brown’s and days of exclusively Gerber, there was no difference in Junior’s digestion or temperment.

As far as the cleaning goes, the Dr. Brown’s are kind of a pain. And even with the little brushie that’s included, there are still parts of the valve that get cruddy. And then there is the attempting to try to assemble the straw/valve part in basically the dark at 3am. No fun for anyone.

The Gerber bottles are inexpensive, widely available and clean up is easy. My one complaint? The fact that they are a narrow necked model makes cleaning not quite as easy as the wide necked bottles, and it makes the cap freakishly small. How small? Small enough that they get confuse with medicine cups, left at restaurants and dropped everywhere never to be seen again. And of course you just can’t buy replacement caps.

So there you have it……..I’ve declared a winner. Know what’s crazy? We have 6, 7 months of bottles left, TOPS. It is all so fleeting….

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