Not Ready to Rate 2009 Just Yet, but….

For some reason, I’m not feeling the intense urge to post every mundane detail of my life lately. Not sure why, except for the fact that, so far, 2009 is kicking my butt.

In the grand scheme of the world, nothing bad is really happening. Just a lot of little inconveinces that add up to a tired, cranky mama who probably isn’t all that much fun to be around. So I apologize.

1) My car has been in the shop since Dec. 22. Yes, as in “since last year”. There is some sort of puzzling, grave, (and probably expensive) electrical issue. For the two weeks we were off of school, it was annoying, but not a big deal. One week later, after leaving at the booty-crack-o’dawn to ride with hubby, and then getting picked up later in the afternoon/bumming rides it is getting OLD. We didn’t rent a car this week, because, really, we couldn’t imagine that we’d be down a car the whole week. Turns out we were. We are exploring more options for next week.

2) The pink eye. The pink eye has reared it’s pink and crusty head in my eye, and more than likely in MAMs. Thus the reason I am posting at noon on Friday. We go to the doc later today for confirmation, and to get a jump on our medical spending for 2009!

3) I don’t know if it’s the early mornings, teething (on Jr.’s part), the getting back into the school routine or what, but neither child has been a champion sleeper this week. Which means that I’m not sleeping. Which makes me cranky.

Ok, enough doom and gloom. Please tell me something happy in your comment!!

5 Replies to “Not Ready to Rate 2009 Just Yet, but….”

  1. SO sorry! I figured you were busy, since I didn’t get a response from my email the nanosecond after I sent it the other day, then I forgot to check it last night/this morning before I left for work!!!

    SO SORRY! I wish I had an extra car to loan you. As it is, 3 of our 4 vehicles (tractors excluded, want to drive a Farmall or John Deere around town?) are causing me worries right now. I’m afraid 2009 will be expensive for us….

  2. Nothing excitingly “happy” here to comment. Just feeling mundane right along with you and hoping the pinkeye stays in Indy. We’ve had our share in our household in 2008 to last a lifetime!

    One cool thing to think about: all the cool things are kids are going to be learning and doing this year! I love watching the milestones and the changes and the little personalities bubbling up!

  3. Something happy…something happy….something happy.

    Emma only had 3 fits today instead of 6?

    That’s all I got.

  4. Oh, the car crap is extra frustrating. Here’s the good news: I’m sure you’re just getting some crap out of the way early in 2009, the better to enjoy the rest of the year. Aren’t you clever!

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