A seven hour vacation

Last night we had the chance to attend the annual school fundraiser–note that I say attend, not run or volunteer for (well, BgK did the photography), but I, myself, I just attended. As a guest. A guest free to enjoy the open bar, passed hor’devores, live music and dinner buffet. 

And it was lovely. 
We decided to hire MAM’s former teacher, Ms. A, as our babysitter, so that we could go and have a good time and not think twice about the kiddos being in good hands. They had a great time, and we we glad for the piece of mind.
Of course, no 21st century fundraising event would be complete without the silent aution component, and no guest would be allowed to leave without bidding….so I bid, and we won! We have the food for Junior’s upcoming baptism secured (and it will be yummy), and we can treat 13 of our closet friends (over the age of 9) to a tour of a local TV station by a local weatherman (who, a few years ago, danced at the adoption agency fundraiser as part of the celebrity dance contest). 
We returned home at the stroke of 12, got the full report on the kiddos and went to bed. I was jolted back to reality when Junior woke up at 3:30 to be fed, but it nice to get out for a bit! 
Did you do anything exicitng Saturday night??

4 Replies to “A seven hour vacation”

  1. Nope, I didn’t do anything at all on saturday night. But I slept. Ahhh, wonderful sleep. 🙂

    Glad you had a wonderful time.


  2. Again, so great that you got to go and ENJOY and not hike up your stress level with all the planning/coordinating/manning! Wonderful fun items you received, as well!! Can’t wait to sample the first! Have fun on the second.. I bet that would be interesting. I think that’s the same station my niece toured a few years ago… She still has her picture up w/ her standing by favorite weatherman in her room.

    Oh, almost forgot. Sat night we were cleaning up from the big 3 birthday party and watching the little guy reveling in the aftermath of the chaos as he played with his new toys and all the balloons….. Then it was off to bed nice and early and slept to hit a later church service the next morning…..

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