The Best Serenade, ever

The video is a little dark, but it’s the audio that I LOOOVVVEEE.

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  1. OOOH so wonderful! She and AP can do a duet next time they’re together.

    I don’t know if we can get him to change it for my birthday or his own, but he sings “happy buthday be-be Eh-bun” almost daily right now, since Baby Evan’s was the last party we celebrated…… Sounds VERY like Miss M’s version!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I knew yours was this month, but couldn’t remember when…. Gosh, we’ll be the same age for a couple more weeks! You are a FAB 35!!!!! And that’s the best happy bday song ever, I agree! (Although I didn’t hear little D in the background – he’ll need to sing louder next time…)

  2. That is SO sweet!!! Just reminds me that I need to record my kiddo more often.

    And I love how she gives Daddy the first piece with no objection (oh, and that “clunk” when she drops the cupcake on the table is too funny).

  3. Hey sister — Happy Belated Birthday ! mom said i should check out the video – Very Cute !! I’m glad you had a great day.
    See you in a couple weeks.

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