Post Number 556

It’s fitting, no, that my 35th birthday starts after such a nice number as 555. 

As updated in the previous post, so far: 
–the BMV wasn’t half bad. My picture looks decent. The new Indiana driver’s license is kind of sassy, with pink and blue colors. The crazy part? It cost $19!!! Seriously. I could have sworn it used to be under $10.
–My mom was in town for the day, and she surprised me with a phone call and an invitation for lunch! We had a great lunch and visit at a yummy salad place. 
–I had my birthday coffee with MAM, after school, and she was delightful. She drank her juice and ate her nuts, and just chatted away. I am looking forward to doing this with her for many years to come. (Junior was there too, but he was asleep. I totally plan on taking him for coffee too, in a few years.)
–We had a fantastic birthday dinner of chicken fingers and mashed potatoes….with an awesome mushroom sauce. And a bottle of Shiraz that BgK brought me. Yum.
–MAM serenaded me with “Happy Birthday” in such a way that I will always remember it. If I can get it posted, I will. 
–I am now the proud owner of a digital picture frame–yippee. 
So far, 35 is shaping up quite nicely! 
Out of curiousity, how much do driver’s licenses cost in your neck of the woods? 

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I have my 39th this friday, and it promises to be about as much fun as the DMV, I’m sure.

    And, hey! I think I’m traveling to Indy solo next week, so I have a little more freedom as I’ll be in my own car. You name the place (and the directions to get there!). I can’t wait to meet up, and to see your precious babies!

  2. WHAT???? $19??? It’s a crazy world we live in. thanks for the heads up. I’m sure mine’s due in a few more years..

    And I’ll be jealous if you get to see Woob’s mommy!!! Show her pics of us!

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