The Bottle Saga: part deux

So we’ve been messing around with bottles now for 8 weeks, and 4 styles later, no clear winner has emerged.

First, there were the old school 4oz Evenflo bottles. There was a lot of gas and spitting, so we changed them (and the formula going into them).

Secondly, there there crazy Playtex drop-in liners. There’s the whole disposable constantly-buying-liners thing vs. it’s awesome-not-to-clean-those-suckers debate. The air does get squeezed out. But the spitting up and the gas?? Still strong. Strong.

Thirdly, because I am in the running for mother of the freakin’ year, there are the Gerber BPA- free bottles. You may be thinking, why Michelle, why, oh why are you buying more bottles? Well, when you are on a road trip,and the baby needs to eat and you realized you haven’t packed any bottles for the entire weekend, you buy more bottles. Thankfully, the Family Express gas station in Nowhere, IN sold them. And they were BPA free. (not that I cared at that point) Spitting up and the gas? Still going strong.

Fourthly, I finally bust out the Dr. Brown’s BPA-free plastic bottles. The pieces aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Now I only have three, and I’m not really “on” it enough to exclusively use only these bottles, so I don’t have a clear experiment done yet. I will be sure to post the sure to be fascinating results. Are you sitting on the edge of your seat??

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  1. Some people really swear by Dr Brown’s. Looked like too much washing for me (my lovely BPA filled Ventaire’s….. Heaven on the tummies!), but most people said it really wasn’t that bad. Hope it works miracles!

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