It’s Like the Superbowl…

for two weeks straight. I am LOVING prime time Olympics, loving all the swimming, all the gymnastics, all the beach volleyball. I am loving that I’m not watching any stupid reality tv this week. I am loving that my three year old watches the first few events before bed time, and each time she says, “I can do that!” LOVE IT ALL. Love it all right up until I look at the clock and realize it’s pushing midnight–AGAIN. Oh well. It’s only two weeks, right?

3 Replies to “It’s Like the Superbowl…”

  1. We’re staying up way to late, too, but the sad part is that we are still missing what’s on later because we end up falling asleep in friend of the TV.

  2. I wasnt’ loving the insomnia last night, but was glad I could watch the 2 Americans win the silver and gold for the women’s all-around gymnastics!

    But I can’t help but make fun of some of these events….. Table tennis? Really? An Olympic sport?

    (And sorry if that offends anyone who ping pongs competitively…)

  3. I JUST blogged about this. The Olympics make me want to be a gymnast. Or a swimmer. Or a beach volleyball player:) And I’m staying up WAY too late, but I love it so much!

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