A Match Made in Heaven (or the allergists office)

We enjoyed a pool play date today with friends, and friends of friends. On of the little guys we were swimming with has food allergies that make MAM’s look easy (no small feat, mind you). We played so much that all the kids were willing not only get out of the pool for lunch, but to actually be seated and eat (again, no small feat).

MAM and her new friend sat next to each other, and noticed that his bread looked similar to hers. Here’s their conversation:

MAM: “You got rice bread?”
lil pal: “Yup.”
MAM: “I got rice bread. Mama, he got rice bread!! What you got on you rice bread?”
lil pal: “sunbutter and jelly”
MAM: “I got jelly. What you drink?”
lil pal: “Rice milk”
MAM:”I drink rice milk. Mama, he drink rice milk!”

She beamed at him like she’d found the comrade she’s been looking for and….ate.her.entire.lunch. (no small feat) This is a friend we will need to see again!

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  1. I so know that feeling! My son has connected with a few other allergic kids (although he’s always the worst of the bunch) and it’s so heartwarming to see him look from their plates back to his and realize that they are basically the same. It makes me as a mom want to smile and cry at the same time.

  2. YAY! That is so great! The “sunbutter” – is that sunflower seed butter? Okay for those trying to avoid nuts?

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am LOVING this comment thing. Maybe your daughter will grow out of some of it? Mine had just seasonal but he did grow out of it but I don’t really know much about the food alergies.

  4. My son has developed an alergy to ALL food apparently that isn’t chocolate! Do all 3 year olds hit this stage?

    I commend you on coping with the food allergy thing – it’s hard enough trying to get ‘normal’ meals down my son.

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