Filing the Adoption Petition

The paperwork came yesterday for filing AFM’s adoption petition. Basically, our lawyer files this petition, then a SW does a follow up visit to make sure we’re all adjusting, and we get a court date for finalization. MAM’s adoption was finalized almost 4 months to the day she was born, and we are expecting this one to run in about the same.

I has to laugh at some of the legalize, “…said minor possesses no real or personal property of his own…..” yeah, when you are placed at 4 days of age, pretty much you come with the disposable diaper on your back 🙂

In reading about filing MAM’s petition (I sure am glad I document this stuff somewhere), I’ve made a mental note to enclose a check this time.

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  1. Funny! I’d forgotten about the last time!!! Yes, it’s always good to cover our bases….

    of course, I cannot laugh too hard – didn’t we do the same thing? I think we did!

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