What are you reading???

I’m in need of a good summer read–nothing too deep or serious…..we are going to the library a lot this summer, but of course we are mostly in the children’s section. Our library system has a program where you can request books and they will pull them for you, which is how I’ve been getting any books at all for myself lately (besides browsing the new titles right by the checkout). Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. I was all set to recommend some books, but when I looked over my list from this year I realized that NONE fit your criteria! Oops. 🙂

    If you change your mind and decide to go with something a bit more in depth, I’ll have LOADS of suggestions. ~LOL~

  2. me again – I came up with one! Doreen Orion just contact me with a request to read/review her book on my blog – it’s called Queen of the Road. I’ve heard lots of great things, and it fits what you’re looking for. If you do read it, let me know what you think … I expect to get a copy in the mail in a few days.

  3. i don't know what your criteria is, but i'll suggest anyways. i really like the last two books i read. nineteen minutes by jodi picoult and angels & demons by dan brown. in fact, i just finished this last one and posted my thoughts on it in today's post.

    my opinion on books… too many good ones and not enough time to read them. good luck.

    btw, i stopped by because i'm lookin at all the blogs designed by the be girls. yours is beautiful.

  4. I agree with Diana. Jodi Picoult is fabulous! I have most of her books, and they always make me think and cry.

    I am reading the Bourne books, and Wicked right now (not all at once, but you know what I mean). I love all kinds of books, from James Patterson to Jodi Picoult.

  5. I’m on a Jodi PIcoult kick as well – trying to get to them all. I’m currently about to finish Second Glance

    And an India fetish at the moment – Started with revisiting The Far Pavilions by MM Kaye, and have moved on to some of her others, plus I’ve pulled of a couple of Rudyard Kipling’s from the library shelves recently.

    My latest easy reads were the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and then accidentally found an author I’m going to start reading more of – Sophie Kinsella. So far I’ve read The Undomestic Goddess – reminded me of the Nanny Diaries, but a little cleaner yet just as lighthearted and humorous… Seems like good Chick Lit.

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