Turning your teeth green

Ok, maybe not your teeth, but how about your teeth-brushing implement? I’ve made it a habit to bring my own shopping bags. I recycle everything the local recycling plant takes. I’ve wrapped my hot water heater in a heat saving blanket. I run my theromostat on an energy star program. I’ve started using kinder, gentler cleaning products.

But what about disposable, limited use items? Things like toiletries are a little harder to adapt. Everything is made of plastic, and nothing lasts too long.

Preserve tootbrushes
, by Recycline, can help in the tootbrush department. I learned about this product a few months ago, and haven’t bought any other toothbrushes since. Preserve toothbrushes are made of recycled plastic, and what’s great is that when you are done, you can print out a mailing label and send it back for more recycling. Yesterday’s yogurt container becomes today’s toothbrush and tomorrow’s picnic table. How cool is that?

Preserve toothbrushes are now available at Target stores for $2.04. Click here for a coupon, and give them a try. They have toothbrushes for adults, and have them for children too.

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