So much love, I just might burst

You can’t tell by my expression in this photo, but one thing I wasn’t thinking about was how the love an older sibling shows a younger sibling can completely blow a mama out of the water.

MAM loves, loves, loves her little, little brother!

She did tattle on him when he whizzed on the carpet (from the bassinet, believe it or not!), but other than that, they’ve been getting along famously.

Just at the photo–I’m looking a little shell-shocked, but MAM? She’s got it together. She’s giving him his first dental exam.

She was thrilled to dicover that he had GUM. Right up til she figured out that it was attached to his mouth and that he wasn’t sharing 🙂

5 Replies to “So much love, I just might burst”

  1. I’ve just been catching up with you — I’ve missed so much!

    Congratulations on bringing home your son. What a wonderful story you have.

    Laughing about the gum!

  2. This is what it’s all about. When people worry abouthaving enough love for a second (or third, fourth, etc) child, I think we forget we can also count on the first child(ren) adding in so much love from their full hearts, that this next baby has even MORE love (if that’s possible!) than the first did…..

    Makes me sweetly weepy to see her with him. Doubly more so, knowing she has another brother that she will never have this kind of bond with, and so thankful she has this chance with baby A!

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