Riding Home

Thank you, internet friends, for all of your prayers and wishes….you and a convent full of Fransicans sisters in Bergen County, NJ seem to have done the trick.

J was never wavering about her decision to place. She just had an idea of how the day was going to go, and it did not go that way. So she made a new plan, and she and MB were at the agency right on time this afternoon.

They signed their papers, we arrived and we visited for a bit, and they said good bye to Baby A.

We did our thing, decompressed a little with the social worker, and bundled the baby in the carseat.

Now we’re home–he’s in his Hotsling, MAM’s watching Cars, Grandma and Grandpa are making a pizza/paci run, and BgK’s on the phone inviting people over. Just a day in the life of a family of four.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like a perfect day as a family of four! I am so happy and excited for you guys! Boys are great!!!!!!

  2. Praise be to God again! He’s perfect. Can’t wait to see him.

    Hmm – wonder if this blog will change looks again. It’s an awful lot of pink floating around…

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