HomeStudy Update: check!

We had a lovely 45 minute chat with a SW today, and she gathered what she needed for the home study update. It was really rather uneventful. I cleared off the coffee table and all toys were picked up off the floor–that’s about the extent of my preparation!

MAM was incredibly friendly and cute–she shared her snack, and showed her her latest favorite issue of National Geographic when we went upstairs. There was no peeking in closets, or a white glove test, or really even testing of the required smoke detectors.

So that’s it on our end–everything’s submitted, now “all” we have to do is hurry up and wait til June 25th!

5 Replies to “HomeStudy Update: check!”

  1. Yay! I keep thinking how different it must be this time around.

    Glad you’re past this small milestone and back to waiting! And happy it’s not any longer of a wait than it is!

  2. That is great news! I’m sure the second time around is much smoother because you know what to expect. Sweet little MAM, what a good girl:)

  3. I can only imagine that every step is exciting and relieving… Best wishes for a fast month to pass!

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