Plumm Perfect

A Plumm Summer , International Family Film Festival “Top Applause” award winner, is a refreshingly retro summer film. It’s based on the true story of a small-town’s local icon, FroggyDoo’s disappearance, and all that happens during a summer of searching.

A Plumm Summer is set in the town of Peaks View, MT, circa 1968. Happy Herb (played by Henry Winkler, who will always be the Fonz in my book) is a local TV celebrity, whose beloved sidekick, puppet Froggy Doo goes missing during a public appearance. Concerned fan, Rocky (played by adorable Owen Pearce), and his older brother, Elliot (Chris J. Kelly) set off on the mission to find the missing local legend. Along the way, they befriend a new neighbor and get to try out methods of sleuthing previously only read about in the Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden adventures.

The scenery is breath-taking, the soundtrack reminiscent, and the characters are engaging. Maybe even more important then any of that, the movie is clean. And funny. And sweet. You could watch this movie with school-aged kids (8 and up, most definitely, maybe even a little younger) and not have to blush, cover your kid’s ears or eyes or anything. And you would enjoy the movie as well.

Next weekend (April 25, 26 & 27), this family film will be opening in select cities (various cities in California, Alabama, Minnesota and Montana)…please check it out!

Thanks to Mom Central for hooking me up with a preview of this fantastic film…it would have been a haul to make it to Minneapolis for the opening!

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