Playing Catch Up

I never intended to go on hiatus last Sunday–it just sort of happened. The weather got super-warm, we spend every waking minute outside that we could, and by the time I sat down I was too tired to blog. Really. When have I ever been too tired to blog??

The highlights, that would have all been separate posts had I had the wherewithall:

MAM is really potty training now. Didn’t I say that in the fall? Yes, I did, but then the faux scabies hit and she lost all momentum, and she spent the winter, and part of the spring just doing her business in pull ups (dumb and a waste of money, but I was holding out hope). So two weeks ago I asked her the question, “do you want to go potty before mama or after?” and she said, “after”, and so commenced round two of toilet learning. Throw in a little candy, a LOT of stickers, and panties in the mail from Grandma, and we have a dry, dry girl who practically prances to the potty with delight. I think this is the real thing.

Friday night we started deep cleaning all of our carpets. We spent the entire weekend spring cleaning and removing invisible sludge from our carpets. Seriously, SO GROSS. But things are lovely now.

We went on a family bike ride this weekend, totaling 16 miles. It was a lovely day and a lot of fun.

Hopefully we’ll be going on many more rides…until June 25th. That’s the anticipated delivery date of McBaby. There will be no more ultrasounds, so we’ll just have to be patient to discover if it will be pink or blue. J and I have been having some really good conversations lately. More on that soon–that really does warrant it’s own post.

Since we won’t be knowing gender, any room-theme makeovers will have to be put on hold. The room is pretty simple–just a few girly accents at the moment. I’m thinking some matching dressers, a crib (!), a twin bed….and the kiddos will be all set.

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  1. So much good news! You are forgiven for your hiaitus. Congrats on the potty training – brilliant! And the 16 mile bike ride; that is awesome.

    Spring cleaning on top of it all – you are SuperWoman. Maybe that was “nesting” in anticipation of the June 25 event. Whatever – color me impressed!!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Um, did you really ride 16 miles on a bike? Could you make me feel better and just say you forgot the decimal point, it should say 1.6? I’d appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Great – you answered some questions I had about McBaby (love the nickname!!!)

    So since you have almost everything left over from Baby M, I guess if you want to redo the room after 6/25, people can get you gifts of room decor! Or gift cards to wherever you pick it out…..

    What about bottles? Are you changing those and will need new ones?

  4. Congrats on the potty training. I know that is a big deal and a major milestone in MAM’s life. I am glad to know things are moving along with McBaby.

  5. So the 16 miles…did I mention we stopped for Mexican food at mile 8, negating any positive effect that biking may have had??

    And the bottles…..apparently, MAM’s were leaching BPA all over the place or something…I haven’t quite researched all that yet.

  6. I enjoyed the 8 mile ride to get mexican food! Although I did not enjoy the 8 mile return trip.

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