Works for me Wednesday: SHOPPING!

I’m a little boring when it comes to online shopping. Mostly, I stick to because they have everything under the sun at good prices. Most recently, I have signed up for their subscription service, and have gotten great prices on some of MAM’s special allergy-free foods. Now her breadsticks and cereal bars get shipped to the house. It’s been a great time saver, and money saver too!

Other places I frequent are and–I’ve had good luck finding gifts there, and they run great sales and shipping deals as well. Since I’m all about the bargain and saving money, I always search for online coupons before I buy, and try to shop through either (where a % goes to charity) or at my credit card’s** online portal, because I get more cash back that way.

Most recently, I’ve fallen in love with for window shopping–it’s like shopping at the little stores you find on vacation or in a college town, only I can really look, instead of fielding the toddler through the store. Lots of the photographs are really artsy, and it’s just a really happy place! Wanna check it out? Start at my store, StirCrazyandSuch–my friends and I have bracelets and soaps on sale to benefit a friend who is undergoing cancer treatment.

**I recently read an article that suggests to always use a credit card online rather than a debit card–if there is a security breech and a theif gets your debit card info, your bank account can be drained right-quick and you are up a creek without money to buy a paddle (and the liability rules are different)–rumor has it, you are much more protected, and less liable, if all hell breaks loose on your credit card.

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  1. I use Amazon mostly too and Overstock. I just popped over to Etsy. WOW. This was worth all the WFMW hopping. I love it. I know what I’ll be doing the next hour.

    Thank you! My hubby won’t like you 🙂

    Like your coffee cup too.

    I forgot about the shopping theme this week. My WFMW is 16 uses for vinegar on my homemaking blog

    I need a WFMW tip on keeping up themes. 🙂


    My homeschool blog is

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