It wasn’t easy, but I went ahead and chose winners for the My Fruit Roll Ups giveaway! I had no particular criteria or scientific method….just three stories that jumped out at me for whatever particular reason!

Here are the three winning comments:

This one made say “aww…”
From elisarose: “The first Valentine’s Day after we were married, I was 7 months pregnant (not quite a honeymoon baby, but very close!). My husband was a youth pastor and we lived in the little house behind the church. Small budget, small house, big dreams. Somehow, he scraped up the money, and sitting in the baby’s room Valentine’s Day morning was the whitest, prettiest rocking chair from Cracker Barrel with a huge red bow hanging off it. Seven years later, and I’ve rocked all 4 of my babies in that rocking chair…”

This one made me laugh:
From Reeva: “my sweetest valentine was in 3rd grade.. the boy i had a crush on gave me a card and some candy — it was half eaten because he ate 1/2 and gave me the other half .. back then i was mad, but now i think its so cute, he was giving 1/2 of himself to me :)”

And this one made me smile:
From qtpies7: “My husband had to move to Minnesota ahead of us, and for Valentine’s day he sent me a message in a bottle! It was so sweet, and the poem was written by him. Such sweet words! The funny thing was that the card I sent him had such a close message to his poem that he wrote from his heart! LOL We were on the same wave length and really were touched by it.”

4 Replies to “WINNERS!”

  1. Great stories! I especially loved the first one, and from another mother who’s had four kids in 7 years, and rocked them all in a big white rocking chair from Cracker Barrell, it made me cry. Very sweet, all of them!

  2. Thank you so much! I am so excited to win! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts…what is your daughter allergic to? My son(s) are allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and a host of environmental stuff. My other 2 aren’t allergic to anything. Go figure.
    elisarosehilliard at gmail dot com

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