Holding Steady

Today, for the first time since last Wednesday, the scale said 176.6, which I consider a total gift. I’m glad my scale is charitable on Wednesday. Let’s just say that the HOLIDAYS have hit the staff breakroom at work with full force–truffles, brownies, peppermint joe-joe’s (think oreos with peppermint creme)…you name it, I’ve probably eaten it. Throw in a Peppermint Mocha, and a birthday party, and yes, today’s weight was a total gift. The good news? I feel like I’m sorta done with said treats, so I shall be more able to resist this week.

As for my exercise goal? Not wanting to be a complete failure, I dusted off the DVD last night and did it once. So I met my goal at 50%. Which is 50% more than I’ve done in a long time. So my DVD goal will remain at 2x. It really is a trick to fit it in–I can’t drag my butt out of bed any earlier (5:45 is early enough, don’t you think?), which leaves only after MAM’s bedtime to do it. Which worked out OK last night. (the exercise ball is too much of an obsession for her, so we keep it in the garage when she’s awake).

In other news, I’m on a ONE HOUR DELAY today. By far, this is one of the best bonuses of being a teacher. I know, it’s a pain as a parent if you have to get to work…but since the school can’t open without a staff, and most of the staff has children at other schools with delays, it’s sort of a vicious cycle. And honestly, driving a school bus is tricky enough business without weather. (mind you, my school doesn’t have school buses, but other staff members have kids who ride them)

If you are in the eastern midwest, be careful out there!

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  1. That is one thing I don’t miss about working, the treats that are constantly in front of you this whole month!!! 5:45 is early, but I will be honest and tell you I am crazy and get up at 3:45-4 am to go workout before my husband goes to work! INSANE I know!

    I hope you can keep up the willpower at work and get some more workouts in!! 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. Great job maintaining, Michelle! Cheers to Peppermint Mochas!

    We received 4-5 inches of snow and we do not have a single delay.


  3. Yesterday they did a two hour delay for us, we are planning to get ever more snow today and tomorrow. But I like snow. I am glad you have been doing good and getting some exercise in. This time of year is hard.

  4. 5:45 is too early. That’s what time I’m up, too, and it’s too early…

    Good job on maintaining! It is a real feat this time of year, for sure.

    We were on a 2 hour delay this morning with means that there was no school…because they only go for 2 hours. Gotta love it.

  5. God, I so wish we had had that delay. Nope, we didn’t have one–I wish we’d had an early release yesterday…THAT would have been awesome.

  6. I made a batch of mint chocolate fudge today. Then read in a magazine tonight that if you’re at a party, choosing 2 small pieces of fudge over 2 choc. chip cookies saves a BUNCH of calories!!!

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