It’s that time of year…

…for weird medical ailments and referrals to specialists. A year ago, MAM had a persistent ear infection that wouldn’t go away and we were referred to a specialist. This year, MAM has a persistent rash that won’t go away, so you guessed it–we’re going to a specialist. The good news? It’s not scabies. And it must not be too bothersome, because she’s been in a great mood these past two weeks. And it hasn’t stunted her growth–she’s now 39″ tall!!!

2 Replies to “It’s that time of year…”

  1. Ah HA! I KNEW she was still taller than A.P.! Go MAM!

    I am really curious to hear what the rash is. But YAY to the confirmation again of no scabies. Ick.

    Dumb rashes. But better than those horrible ear infections!

  2. Have you considered a food source? Gluten is tricky and one of my girls’ reactions is a weird looking rash. Do a search on Dermatitis Herpetiformis (not related to herpes even though it looks like it should be!)

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