Ewww….be glad you only know me virtually

Ok, so I’ve been posting about the insanity that is my daughter. Matter of fact, if you google “whining, clinging 18 month old”, this blog comes up as #1. Check it out. For the record, she’s now 27 months old, but really, who’s counting?

So the weird mystery rash has reared it’s splotchy head again–and we have a different prognosis this time–scabies. Ew, I know. It’s right up there with head lice, pink eye, etc. I started itching as soon he told me. But now I’m thinking maybe she’s been a pill because she’s been uncomfortable for a few weeks.

We have no idea where she picked it up–no one at daycare has had any sort of rash, no one at my school has had any sort of rash, no one in our circle of friends have had any sort of rash….no one but MAM. So we have the chin-to-toe cream to apply, hopefully it will work it’s magic and things will look remarkably better tomorrow. She’s not going to daycare this week, but has the green light to celebrate Thanksgiving, as long as the rash is covered and she washes her hands a lot the doc thinks she’ll be fine. So I’m going to pick up a few long sleeved body suits, pair them with long pants and I think we’ll be set.

Are you itchy yet???

2 Replies to “Ewww….be glad you only know me virtually”

  1. I’m so sorry! Ugh, that’s got to be the worst, especially for someone who doesn’t quite understand about not scratching….ugh.

    And yes, now that you mention it, I do itch…

  2. Ewww. My sister has gotten that through schools/daycares she’s worked in. Yes, I’m scratching my arm as I type…..

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