Do You Watch Scary Movies?

As a rule, I typically don’t. The exception to that rule is Stephen King movies. I saw many of the early movies at slumber parties–who didn’t run around at some point in the eighties saying “Red-Rum, Red-Rum”?? (I’m assuming other groups of friend besides my own made that a thing…) I’m definitely a close-my-eyes/tell-me-when-it’s-over sort of watcher, so for some of those movies, my eyes were closed more than they were open. Good thing I always read the book before the movie.

I remember as a teenager discovering the world of Stephen King. My dad had a good collection of the early “classics” like Carrie, Firestarter, and The Shining (Red-Rum! Red-Rum!). I remember reading It one summer–I could only read during the day, in the living room when my family was home, otherwise I would be too seriously spooked to sleep.

I remember most of all reading the collection, The Four Seasons–particularly, The Body, which is the basis for one of my all-time favorite movies, Stand By Me. A great story line, a great cast of cute boys (Corey, River, Kiefer…)–what was there for a teenage girl not to like? I think we taped it off of HBO at one point, because I know I’ve watched it 50 times if I’ve watched it once. The movie came out in 1986, which is the year I turned 13, so I could completely relate (as well as any girl in 1986 could) to the cute boys on the screen and the summer of their 12th year. Learning how to really lean on your friends, the strong desire to do your own thing away from your parents, being intimidated by older teens–those are the classic issues of any 12 year old. Having them come to life on the big screen by cute boys was a total bonus.

I have to admit, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t pick up Stephen King as much as I used to, although I really enjoyed the Green Mile, and thought the movie was good as well. I know there is a lot more Stephen King material out there–I just haven’t picked it up lately. Which is a thought, actually–I should grab some of the ones I haven’t read from the library in the near future.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the latest movie based on a novella, The Mist by Stephen King, is opening in theaters. The movie takes place in a grocery store, where shoppers become trapped inside by a–you guessed it–mysterious mist. In checking out the trailer, I may have enough guts to go see this one.

What is your favorite Stephen King book?

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  1. I don’t like scary movies at all. Hate them. I do like stephen king though, but have not seen any of his movies. My favorite book of his is The Talisman. Loved that book.

  2. OOOhhhh. I love The Stand (book and movie). Pet Semetary gave me nightmares about my cat.

    I remember a freshman year Halloween sleepover where we all watched Cujo and the video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. So scary and so much fun!

  3. Wow – Pet Semetery – (isn’t that how he spelled it? Not cemetary?) was SO good. Not the movie – but the book. I remember thinking it wasn’t really scary at all. Until the last page – maybe in an Eiplogue.

    Still one of my favorite King novels is Cujo. It was probably the first one I read. But IT was also great – again, not the movie.

    The only movie based on his books I liked was The Green MIle. VERY VERY well done. ANd very true to the books, which was wonderful.

    I tried a few times to read Misery. Couldn’t get into it, and I’ve seen hardly any of that movie.

    I just saw the previews for The Mist, and it makes me want to read the book.

  4. I had forgotten about the Stand–LOVED IT, as well as Cujo (I still remember that book cover, it was in my dad’s original collection), and Misery I liked as well. Pet Semetary was another one that I had to read in broad daylight. Guess what shelf I’m going to check out at the library this week??

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