Can I accomplish anything, really?

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a week like this–high drama/issues at work, quasi-sick child (she’s been home yesterday and today–more on that later), BgK has stuff every night this week–it just can’t be over fast enough.

Before the week began, I got an email from a friend who’s coordinating lunch for a volunteer group that’s doing some training. She put a shout out to our little cooking group (mind you, we haven’t really gotten together since July, but that’s ok, we’re tight) to see if we could, between the 8 of us, round up lunch for about 15 people. I knew I couldn’t swing much, but I thought a simple fruit salad wouldn’t be out of the question.

Little did I know.

It’s now 4pm on Thursday, and I realized about 10 minutes ago that it wasn’t going to happen. So I called a neighboring pal who was going to drop off some apple cider for the cause, and talked her into picking up a fruit platter with my name on it. God love my friends.

So onto MAM. Since her fever on Friday, she’s run on and off–still a crazy diaper rash, tired, cranky, needy. Yesterday I took her to the doc, which was just bad. Bad as in the nurse needed to help hold her down so the doc could look in her ears and swab her throat. She completely freaked out–it was awful. After everything, I got the directive, “Now just collect a urine sample and bring it back to the office this afternoon.”

Um, excuse me? Urine sample for the girl who just threw a fit the size of Texas? The girl who is potty trained but refuses to pee on the toilet at home? The girl with the raging diaper rash? How do you think I’m going to do that? Turns out, they make bags for such things.
Picture the world’s smalled vacuum bag, with adhesive.

She was so worn out after the doc’s, I thought for sure she’d sleep the afternoon away. She might have, had I not fasten a bag to her nether region. When I put it on, she simply said, “Sticker?” I said yes, put on a pull up and thought she’s be out like a light.

I was wrong.

In about 10 minutes she was jabbering…I walked into to find her naked from the waist down, with her bed soaking wet, the bag nowhere in sight. Oy.

After regrouping, I just showed her the specimen cup. I presented the idea.

She bought it. She refused to sit on the potty, but she stood there, cup between her legs, and sure enough, she went!! We got the specimen!!

And the doctor’s office was closed for lunch. Thanks folks.

We waited for the lunch break to be over, picked up the Rx cream, and turned in her specimen.

After all that, it was negative. All they could say was, “It’s probably a virus.” Thanks. After a total of 4 hours in the waiting room, specimen collecting, and pharmacy hopping (of course the first pharmacy didn’t have what we needed), we got the verdict! Another freakin’ virus.

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  1. Oh man- that is a nightmare…. I am so sorry for your week. Sending thoughts of a Manhattan your way (and the REAL thing baby – not the area of some big city!!!) Make it a double.

    Poor MAM. She cannot catch a break with the germs! Has she had a flu shot recently? Niece L gets sick after that… She was a preemie, so they’ve always recommended she get one, but my sis doesn’t want to this year because it made her so sick last year.

    I do NOT understand the nasty diaper rash thing. Yuck.

    Wish I could help!

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