Friday Night Fun

Arm all better
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This evening while dismounting from a piggy-back ride, MAM starting screaming in pain. An hour later, she was still screaming, so we loaded her (along the hot dogs I’d just fixed her for dinner, extra clothes, and a few snacks) into the car for a trip to the ER.

We register, and get settled into a room, complete with a Cars DVD. As the movie starts, BgK says, “I wonder if we’ll make it through this movie.”
MAM is calm, but treating her arm gingerly, simply laying it on my shoulder and wincing at the slightest movement.

The doctor comes to assess, the x-ray tech come with the machine. We get the results (based on a non-eventful xray) that MAM is suffering from a case of nursemaid’s elbow. OUCH!

I hold her tight and close my eyes, the doc pops her elbow back into place and wonder baby is fixed. She’s laughing. Jumping up and down off of the hospital bed, washing her hands, hugging her new pillow that the nurse gave her and life is good.

The credits on the 116 minute movie finish rolling as I sign the discharge papers. We say good bye, and MAM walks into the hallway on her own steam, happily clutching her new pillow…..she turns to look back and BANG! catches the corner of her forehead on a metal laundry bin. OUCH.

We leave the ER exactly as we entered–screaming child in arms and an ice pack on the affected area. Nice, eh?

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  1. ooohhhh I have so been there. Trip to ER for same reason as MAM and left with new lovely rug burns from taking the corner out of the ER back into the hospital too fast. I feel your mommy pain.

  2. Oh, poor MAM! Hope she starts feeling better soon. I often think we need to wrap Woob in bubble wrap to keep him safe!

  3. CRAP! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that picture!!!

    T and his bro used to give their little sister nursemaid’s elbow ALL the time, swinging her around (and a dislocated shoulder once or twice). POOR BABY!

  4. Poor Baby!
    I hope it’s an isolated incident. I had to go through that so many times that I became a pro a re-setting it by myself. *ick*

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