Just Glad it’s Over..

Ever have a day where you just want to crawl back into bed and try getting up again?? That was today for me. My work day started with a leaky travel mug (which then leaked all over me–on school picture day) and ended with me, on the top of the jungle gym, using liquid soap to dislodge someone’s wedged elbow. Could I make this up?

In between was a lot of b.s.–enough to drive me to eat donuts. It was another staff birthday, and this particular staffer has an affection for Dunkin’ Donuts, so that was her birthday treat. Usually, I just don’t even start eating if there are donuts–they really aren’t my favorite sweet, and I may as well just spread the glaze directly on my ass. But I started with a chocolate donut, and then proceeded, over the course of the day, to eat FIVE, count them FIVE………………………………………….munchkins. (You didn’t really think I would have eaten five donuts, did you?) Still, one donut and five munchkins is more than I usually eat in any month, or heck, any quarter for that matter.

Thankfully, MAM is in angel-girl mode–happy, agreeable, busy with her own thing, allowing me to sit here and blabber and decompress……

OH! And if you haven’t been there yet, check out TopMomma.com. I’ve lasted 3 days longer than I thought I would! Keep clicking on that redhead surrounded by and wearing sunglasses!

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  1. You know, tossing back 6 doughnuts is still better than packing a brown bag thermos containing a Cosmo that you secretly sip on throughout the day as you monitor the wee ones….

    So if the doughnuts must be what get you through the day, so it must be. At least you won’t get arrested for it, and I think you can break the habit if you REALLY needed to….

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