B*L*O*G & the City

Have you watched Sex & the City lately? You know, a DVD here or there just for fun? We just got the first disc of season 6 through Netflix and have been watching it this week. This time around I starting thinking about the commentary going on in Carrie’s head is a lot like how I compose blog posts in my head……only without the motivation of a paying column, sometimes I don’t actually type it all out.

I was pondering this already when we went to Ohio this weekend to visit some friends. They are MAM’s godparents–they used to live a mile from us. After of almost a year of living with Sharon’s parents, they finally sold their house here and bought a brand new house in Ohio. An absolutely gorgeous house with four bedrooms and a basement. They moved in last month, so we went out to make an official house-warming visit. BIG FUN.

Anyway, over many, many margaritas (the kids were in bed) we start discussing our friend, our friend who’s in a non-productive relationship. It’s a very physical relationship, but not much of a mutually beneficial one–imo, a case of “getting the milk for free”, if you know what I mean. And Sharon busts out with, “well sure she has her fancy sex, but what else does she have?”

Fancy s*x. Was I living a Sex & the City episode? Did my one friend just describe another friend of having “fancy s*x”. In Sex & the City terms, we’ll call Sharon Miranda, and I guess my other friend is more of a Samantha (kinky/racy) meets Charlotte (willing to do anything to be in a relationship). Which leaves me to be Carrie. If I must, I must. I’m sitting in a midwestern townhouse rather than a Manhattan brownstone, but I am on my laptop.

So the fancy s*x. After five years, because there’s no commitment, she still makes the effort to wear matching lingerie. She lights candles. She makes an effort every single time they are together, in hopes that maybe he’ll stay (he won’t). She tells us about her fancy s*x, and we smile and nod and laugh….but really, when you are in a stable relationship, do you need to dish so much? Do you need to brag and validate with your friends? Don’t you reach the point where you just want to wear your comfy jammies to bed, and not worry about presentation? Not to say that making an effort or being a little fancy isn’t a good thing on occasion, but all the time? Can’t that energy and effort be spent doing something else? It just makes me shake my head.

So I had a fun-filled weekend spent with great friends, and now we have a new term and new standard–the word fancy will never be the same again!

2 Replies to “B*L*O*G & the City”

  1. Too funny! Glad your weekend was great.

    Just as a note, be Carrie, but if I see you in a pair of those 4 inch spiky Manolos, I’m calling your chiropractor for you.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts ever! I love SATC, can’t wait for the movie, and I “fancy” myself a Carrie/Charlotte combo. 🙂

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