heading in the right direction

Last Wednesday I almost posted that I’d dropped a few pounds over night (really, I did) and I thought about taking back my MayDay stats and officially posting a bigger loss.

Then the weekend happend–the weekend of CAKE, which segued into a work week of cake. All I can say is that Labor and Delivery people must work overtime in September–seriously, this month I have celebrated 12 birthdays I think. Each with cake or some other dessert, because you know, it’s a birthday. And a birthday means a dessert.

Anyhoo, I’m down .4 lbs from last week. Not even a whole half-pound, BUT, considering I ate that in cake alone, I’m not really complaining!

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of birthdays! I’m very impressed that you’ve still managed to pull off a loss! Desserts are always a tough issue for me, which is why I generally don’t have them in the house. Since they’re enough of a problem at church potlucks, birthday celebrations, dinners with friends, etc., at least I’m not getting them at home yet too!

  2. I’ve spent the past month having tiny losses like that — it can get discouraging, but the thing to remember is this… even little losses add up! Keep up doing the right thing, and you’ll get there. Slow and steady wins the race! 🙂

  3. Ha! I’ve always thought we early fall babies are proof of what people do when they’re trapped inside during those last winter months…..

  4. No kidding that’s a lot of birthdays!

    So you had all that cake and still had a loss. Whoo-hoo! Shake that booty and do a little happy dance, why not, it burns calories!

    Here’s to a cake free week for you. 😉

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