What a &#$!@ day

I don’t really even know where to begin, but my life outside my home was rough today. The small children who typically inspire me, or at the least, amuse me were OUT OF CONTROL. Our back-to-school honeymoon is officially over and I’m thinking about filing for student-teacher divorce.

A large cart of dishes fell over today, which would not be a big deal, but being all about “real and breakable”, it was a VERY big deal. Huge mess, and one that adults must clean up, and it’s an unwritten rule that when you run a vacuum in room full of small children that they all start to shriek like banshees. Thing is, they continued to shriek like banshees long after the vacuum was turned off and crisis over.

Things went downhill from there…..to point where I started thinking that maybe I could cut myself on some of that broken glass and have to leave to get stitches. THAT’s the kind of day it was.

What kept me going? Knowing that I was taking home a young friend (from our sleepover a few weeks ago), picking up MAM and going to the park for awhile after school. That was all well and good (and the girls were good as gold and had a great time) until her mom called……I was watching said girl-child so her mom could go to her first OB appt–and the news wasn’t good. My dear friend miscarried with no symptoms, so it was a complete blow this afternoon when they did the first ulrasound. My heart aches for her.

So now I drink my adult beverage and unwind from the day that was, and I think, tomorrow has to be better, right? RIGHT?

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  1. Oh my. That is the saddest thing – any time I hear of any loss of a child. I am glad her daughter was with you, and hadn’t gone w/ her to the appointment. A blessing for her not to have to worry about the little one right at that time when she was probably in shock and trying to deal with the loss of her newest child….

    So sorry your day was rough. Ugh.

  2. Holy cow! THAT is a rough.day! I hope your weekend allowed you to relax a little bit before heading back to the classroom tomorrow 🙂 I am also a teacher (thus far it’s been h.s. but will be elementary when I return after being a SAHM). I am getting MANY pointers from you! Not only dieting but educationally as well!

    I am very sorry for your friend and her miscarriage. A prayer for her and their loss.

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