How many shopping days til Christmas?

The summer humidity is gone, so someone, somewhere has started counting down, I’m sure. Personally, I have to get through several fall birthdays (7) before even thinking about Christmas. Which is why I tend to be a last-minute shopper, and the past few years I’ve been a last-minute on-line shopper. How crazy is that? Why must I wait til December 20th to sit down in my pj’s and cruise through, say, Kohl’s website and pick out gifts to send to out-of-state relatives?

This year will be different. This year, I’m going to join the masses on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and make real progress on my list. Only I’m not getting in line at Kohl’s at 4am to do it…..I’m going to instead. Here I can preview the sales of some of my favorite stores (Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy) and go directly to their websites and shop til I drop (or my coffee gets cold). And even if I don’t get a lot of shopping done on my list, maybe I’ll get a Christmas dress or two for MAM–Kohl’s will have all Dressy Apparel for Girls 60% off. Seriously.

Many retailers already have their ads posted on, and if you really want to stay up to date, an email subscription will notify you when merchants add more sales. It sounds like a no-brainer–why not preview the sales and shop in the comfort of home, turkey sandwich in hand?

black friday 2007

4 Replies to “How many shopping days til Christmas?”

  1. To answer your question, because you know I counted-100 days until Christmas. Although I have 2 kids’ birthdays and am hosting Thanksgiving before that.

  2. FYI, I am a huge Black Friday shopper so I was very surprised to learn that someone has ads up already. They usually don’t come out until October.

    I checked out the link, and it looks remarkably familiar. Dollars to donuts (gluten free, of course) those are last year’s ads.

    Keep checking though because we will know the sales a few weeks in advance!

  3. Come to think of it, they may very well be last year’s ads….or maybe each year’s ads are remarkably similiar….regardless, they should be accurate sometime before Thanksgiving.

    You seriously remember last year’s ads?!?!?

  4. Yeah, I’m sort of pathetic. Well, it’s mostly Best Buy this time around. They completely wrote Spencer’s Christmas list for me so it stuck in my head pretty well. I also remember key things each year that we stalk out.

    I am a serious Black Friday shopper. My mom, sisters and I go together. So each year I not only work to get my own bargains, I have to scope out theirs too. Especially since I’m the only one there at opening, and they all stumble in an hour or so later to checkout. 😉

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