MAM’s 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot

The Monkey’s Two Year Pictures
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Here she is, in all her ‘clear sinus’ glory–no boogies or shiny eyes in these pictures! Click on the photo for more.

After our taxing photo shoot, we tried out the Italian ice at a local stand….it’s definitely dairy-free, and I emailed the company to confirm there are no other “no-no’s” in the recipe.

She just finished DAY 5 of no daytime diapers, and she’s averaging only 1-2 accidents a day. It’s completely doable. I have found that vinyl pants makes going out a little easier, it keeps everything basically dry is there are drips.

The State Fair is going on right now, we are hoping to take MAM there for her first State Fair experience. Fun, fun, fun!

2 Replies to “MAM’s 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot”

  1. First of all, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m seeing prom queen in her future.. What, with her (dad’s) personality AND the looks? that gal is going to be the more popular kid in school!! Until the boys meet her dad, and he threatens them off with the stun gun…

    And YAY for feeling better!

    Bless her heart. I’m still wondering what A’s mild case of eczema is about and if we’ll be following down the allergy path any time soon. It’s on my list to ask ped at the 2 yr ckup.

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