Things I’ve learned since Tuesday

Oh Trader Joe, how I love thee,
You make your rice milk gluten free.

You stock your shelves with rice flour shells,
And if a checker needs help, he rings a bell.

Your prices are fair, more fair than most,
Which really makes your store the ultimate trading post.

So that’s the deal–some rice milk contains gluten, others contain soy. Why would the rice-drink makers do that? Do people drink rice-drink by choice or due to allergies? If it’s due to allergies, wouldn’t it make sense to make it as non-allergenic as possible?!?

On the plus side, TJ’s rice-drink is totally free of our “no-no” list, and it’s the best price I’ve found. And I LOVE shopping at Trader Joe’s–it smells good, there are always beautiful flowers, free samples and nice clerks. And they enter you in a drawing if you bring your own bags.

And in case you’re thinking, “Um, Michelle, is this food allergy thing really all about you??”…it’s not, but I’m the one having to do the hunting and gathering of foods free of the “no-no” list. And who, exactly, is going to have to make a dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free birthday cake? That’d be me. Either that or we’ll do a big “frozen sorbet” sort of “cake”. Good think I have a year to figure that part out.

As far as MAM goes, she’s a champ. Drinking rice-drink, calling it “my ba-ba”, eating rice pasta like it tastes good, munching on corn cereal at snack time.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear she is already doing better! We had fairly instant results too. That makes it a lot easier to know your hard work is paying off.

    For future reference, Namaste mixes are “allergen free” which I believe includes gluten, soy, milk and eggs. You have to get creative with mixing as you can’t add the eggs I would, but there is no egg in the actual mix. They make yummy cookies, cakes and brownies. I think they also have pizza crust, muffins and bread mixes, but we haven’t tried them.

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