Status Quo

So Saturday, before we went out for our posh dinner, before we had a picnic at the pool and before I inhaled a bag pita chips all by myself, my weight was down a bit. Today, not so much. But that’s ok, because it will probably go down tomorrow, like it usually does. Have you noticed that there’s a day of the week where you are at your “lightest”?? For me, it’s Weds and Thurs, it seems. I’m weighing Tuesdays to “challenge” myself (I’m sick like that)–to you know, attempt to maintain my low weight throughout the week.

If I can refrain from buying (because once they are bought, they are as good as eaten) more pita chips, I should be good for next week, right?

In the mean time, what’s keeping me going (and riding rather high) is that I went for my physical this past week, and guess what? I’m a full THIRTEEN pounds less than a was about a year ago. So not only have I lost 7lbs on this challenge, I actually lost 6lbs before that. I prefer to think that I’ve lost 6lbs of flab, and not just muscle morphing into less-dense flab. Surely it’s 13lbs of flab, don’t ya think?!?!

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  1. That’s the way to think about it…. I’m 12 pounds less than I was last year. Celebrating the BIG PICTURE is just as important as the weekly loss/gains.

    Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you!! Doesn’t it feel good to step on that scale at the drs and have it be lower than it was before? I love that.

  3. You’re doing so good!

    At my house an open bag of chips is an empty bag. Why can’t they be GOOD for us? 🙂

  4. I do tend to have lighter days, ironically it’s usually on Friday and NOT Tuesdays when I weigh-in for TFTS or Thursday at WW! That stinks!

    You are really doing great!

  5. This is my first comment here (hooray!). I found your blog because I’m doing Mother Talk reviews. We just adopted our first baby, so I’m thrilled to have found your blog. I’m off to continue reading…Congrats on your weight loss! It gives me inspiration to get my butt off the couch:)

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