A weekend of Luuuxxxxury

This weekend has been rather indulgent.

Last night, BgK and I went out to celebrate our anniversary–my girlfriend’s four year old really wanted to “babysittered” MAM, and who was I to deny her? And while I love our teenage babysitter, there’s really nothing more relaxing than knowing MAM is in the hands of one of my very best friends. So regardless of what we did that night, free babysitting from a friend already made it a great weekend!

So what did we do? Well, I cashed in my gift card that I earned by running that monsterous fund raiser a few months back. The very appreciative committee gave me all sorts of goodies, including a very generous gift card to be used at Palomino.

OMG. The food was, well, for lack of a better description, orgasmic. The simplest, best salad I have ever tasted (bibb lettuce, basil, plum tomatoes, marinated gorganoloza cheese and creamy balsamic dressing). Incredible cedar-wrapped salmon and asparagus. Herbed orzo. Chocolate tiramisu. And while the portions were ample, they weren’t feed-you-for-the-week or even lunch-the-next-day, which is actually a good thing.

So last night was culinary bliss. Today was body bliss in that I cashed in my birthday gift card (almost 11 months old) and had a hot stone massage. Again, OMG. Warm stones relaxing every muscle, warm oil, massaging away all tension….it’s a beautiful thing.

I have to say that all of this luxury is making me feel recharged, and it’s a beautiful thing!

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  1. I am not a salad freak, but I think that one sounds worth the trip to Indy!!!! Yummmmmmy. We take clients there sometimes, but I’ve always missed out on those trips.. (Not that I minded the few times I had to drag a customer to the Rathskellar and eat on the company’s dime!!!)

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