One of the most familiar quotes from Dr. Montessori is, “Help me to do it myself.” She’s referring to the need of the child to develop independence, and the importance of the adult facilitiating that. Parents can put step stools at sinks, dishes in low cabinets, take the time to work on dressing skills, etc. It all sounds so eloquent in the theory books. Trying to implement these ideas with one bound and determined vocal almost two year old is a different story.

Here are the top ten phrases I hear in rotation on a regular basis:

1. I DO IT!
2. What’s that?
3. Who’s that?
4. I DO IT!
5. What’s that noise?
6. Here you go.
7. I DO IT!!!
9. Come on, Mommy.
10. I DO IT!!

Did I mention that she DO IT! DO IT! What does she do? What doesn’t she do? She puts on pants, she tries to put on shirts, she puts on shoes, gets out the milk, eats whole apples with skin, using markers, turns on the water, uses pump soap, unlocks doors, gets the newspaper and so much more.

That’s why when BgK pulled a beer out of the fridge tonight, I took it out of his hands and said, “I DO IT!!!”

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