So the Dog Days of Summer (click on that stylin’ dawg in the previous post to go there) have been SO.MUCH.FUN–and it’s only Wednesday! I feel like I’m in a virtual mall with all of my friends, oohing and ahhing over some fabulous items!

There’s one item that’s caught my eye…..and to get a bonus entry, I’m giving you a link so you can see how cute this dress really is! Don’t you think that MAM should have it?!?!

I’m spending all of my *free* time entering contests left and right, and being wowed by the amount of traffic here, and the fact the currently 72 people want my sweet little bear and blanket set!

Now if we can all rally together like this for say, the next presidential election**, I think we will, in fact, change the world.

**of course, don’t ask me which candidate we should get behind–that’s entirely a different matter all together.

Back to entering the CONTESTS.

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