Just in Time for Vacation…..

Ear infection #2 post-tubes. I kid you not. For starters, I have no idea how she’s getting these infections when she’s now “ventilated” to prevent fluid build up. Secondly, I have no idea how enough fluid builds up and becomes infected that it actually flows out of her ears. Instead of a runny nose, she had a “runny ear” all weekend. It was the foulest smelling thing I think I’ve ever smelled.

The good news? We got right to the doc on Monday and she’s prescribed four meds that are already helping tremendously. An oral antibiotic, an otic antibiotic, and two allergy medications. Insane, but true. Even better? With our insurance, the day’s outing only cost $75. Without insurance we would have dropped $350 on meds alone. Seriously.

We have enough allergy meds to now see us through to getting the allergy testing done next month so that we can see what we’re up against.

Til then, I’ll concentrate on packing our portable medicine cabinet for the beach! (with cooler pack since you know, the oral antibiotic has to be refrigerated!) At least her swimming restriction will be lifted before we actually get to the ocean.

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  1. Awwww – Poor kid! She is the ear infectedest thing… I hope the allergy testing sheds some light on things…..

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