Continuing to Maintain

This is my second week at 173.4 and I have to say I am happy with that!! All was going well until Friday night when I over-did it (insert gasp of disbelief).

Have you ever been to a restuarant preview?? It happens before a grand opening–the restaurant fills with customers to give the staff a test run before opening night. Through our church, we were invited to such an event Friday night, for an opening of a new, independent eatery about 5 minutes away from my house. Everything by the alcohol was free, and people were invited to make a free-will offerring to the St. Vincent DePaul society instead of paying for dinner.

So we eagerly made our reservations and showed up and were seated in a very nice dining room filled with familiar faces. I seriously hope that this family decides to occassionally host fund raisers for the church and has “everyone” (well, OK, not the 1500 or so families all at once) over again. It was really, really, nice.

The food was outstanding. We received a sampling of appetizers, chicken velvet (read:cream), salad and I chose an entree sampler–small pieces of steak, salmon and chicken, along with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. After the first three courses I was full, but ate my dinner any way. After dinner I was stuffed, but ate the cheesecake anyway. This is where I have (some) of my issues–over indulging for really no good reason.

“It was a special day–it was ok to eat too much!” A special day for whom?? Was I opening my own retaurant? Was I paying for the meal? Was it food I could never eat again? The answer to all of the above is no. And what I need to learn is that when the answer is no, I need to learn to literally shut my mouth and stop inserting food.

Onto this week/next week (vacation)!! I have small goals–perhaps I’m not setting the bar high enough, but that’s another issue all together. This week I’m focusing more on water (it waxes and wanes in my world), and the plan is to maintain what I’ve done—my motivation this far has been to get to the beach…….and I’m getting there Sunday. I’d hate to look like a beached whale when I get there!!

4 Replies to “Continuing to Maintain”

  1. Way to go on maintaining. That was one heck of a tempting night! Hang in there and keep your goals attainable, it doesn’t matter if they are small. Have fun on vacation but make good choices. 🙂

  2. Your question of “why?” was right on the money. I do that more often than I care to admit; eat much more than I want, just because it’s there. Ugh!

    Great job on maintaining in the face of indulgence. You’re doing great!

    Good luck this week!

  3. Wow – that sounds like a fun event! Maintaining is a good thing. Sometimes our bodies need to adjust to a new weight before it can keep losing weight.
    Have a fun vacation!

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