Another 1/2 lb GONE

I could be disappointed in a .5 loss, but when you take into account the cheesecake lunch, church festival, birthday party and the goldfish that keep swimming into my mouth, I’m just glad the scale is reading less this week than it was last week! And 1/2 lb is two sticks of butter or two hamburger patties. I’m happy to lose a stick of butter here or there any time I can!

This week I must reign in the mindless/random eating that sort of came out last week–my meals were planned, as were my snacks, but then there were random eatings in between. Which really, if you think about it, means I’m constantly ramming food down my pie hole, what with three meals, three snacks AND random eating? It’s amazing I have time to work or mother or anything like that!!!

I also must up my activity level–Pilates is awesome, but it’s twice a week. I need to continue to move on the those other five days of the week in some way.

Always a work in progress……

5 Replies to “Another 1/2 lb GONE”

  1. You’ll plateau at some point. I agree, that a loss with a week like last week is a VERY good thing.

    Keep it up! PRetty soon, you can add swimming to the list of exercise. You and the monkey can do water aerobics, toddler/mom style!

    YAY warm weather!

  2. You have a great attitude! I only lost a half a pound last week but I did better this week – Sometimes I think it just takes our bodies a while to adjust to our new way of life.

  3. Yes, 1/2 lb loss is still a LOSS. You’re a great loser! 😉 Keep making the good choices.

  4. Good job on the loss! I like the way you think in terms of fat=butter!
    P.S. I’m a little ovedone on McDreamy too. The summer hiatus will do me good!

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