It really does rock

I got a great phone call yesterday….from a very good friend in California who’s experiencing her first Spring Break on the teacher side of things. We have kids the same age (I think M is like 11 days older)–and it was nap time for both. I know, how does one 20 month old nap in EDT at the same time one 20 month old naps in PDT, I don’t really know. But it happened. So I was watching Oprah and eating chocolate, she was sitting on the patio drinking a martini (she has always been more hip than I) and she called and said, “I’m LOVING this spring break thing. It is SO much better than Christmas break.”

And we proceeded to take the next hour to explore the merits of such statements, amongst other things. Like a) both of our 20 month olds shit on the floor within 12 hours of each other yesterday and b) holy crap bachelorette parties and destination parties are expensive, and obviously if the bride had kids she wouldn’t be planning such lavish events, and c) string cheese, applesauce and goldfish.

Things I will do today:

I will eventually get presentable enough to leave the house, run errands with SuperStreak (who may or may not be clothed) and get some “Easter” shopping done.

I will pack for the impending Easter weekend, including clothes for all seasons, since it’s supposed to be 35 degrees Friday in Chicago, but 50 on Easter.

I will attempt to finish assorted household tasks, since we’re leaving town tomorrow.

Things I will not today

I will not read anymore negative adoption blogs. I unexpectedly stumbled onto one this morning, and it turned my stomach and sort of pissed me off. I’m not going to go into it now, but sometime in the future, I will write about my thoughts on “all that”.

I will not eat any more chocolate that’s in my house for SuperStreak’s crazy summer camp fundraiser. Yes, she’s 20 months old, but apparently Rainmbow’s “bringing camp to her” this summer (i.e.Special Programming we must pay for).

I will not spend more than two hours working on “school stuff” today, because, after all, it’s spring break, by golly.

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  1. I much prefer chocolate over a martini!

    I hope you get everything done on your list! We can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!

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