If you give a toddler an Easter egg…

she’s likely to shake it with great delight.

Then she’ll discover it OPENS.

And discover it contains candy.

She will, after 2 tries, master the art of unwrapping candy.

She will hand you the “trash” while putting the entire piece of chocolate in her mouth and running away, lest you try to take her candy.

If you give a toddler an Easter egg, she will be on the hunt for more.

She will find every egg in Grandma’s house.

She will learn the difference between the sound a quarter makes when being shaken and a piece of chocolate. And she will drop the $$ eggs so as to keep her hands free for the chocolate eggs.

She will find a stash of eggs the grown ups thought were out of sight.

She will go from room to room, searching for more chocolate. More egg-EEESS. More EGG-EE’s. More EGG-EE’s!!!

She will not take a nap. She will not sleep much in the car on the ride home. She will be awake and conversing to herself at 9:30pm.

If you give a toddler an Easter Egg.

3 Replies to “If you give a toddler an Easter egg…”

  1. Ha! I believe it! Even the 18 month old toddler will YELL when he has to come indoors from the egg hunt (WHAT? WHo is this willful child?). Will refuse to nap. Will refuse to sleep in the car on the way home. Will refuse to go to bed until 9:30 that night, KILLING mama and dada who are too used to his 7:30 pm bedtime……. But it was fun!

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