So you know how hard it is to get together with just one or two girlfriends for coffee, right?? Do we bring the kids or not? If no, then there’s a sitter to get or a hubby to coordinate with. If yes, then it’s coordinating your kiddo’s “good time” with your friend’s kiddo’s “good time”. Which is about as likely as…coordinating anything with two toddlers–not gonna happen.

SO….how do you get over 500 bloggers to get together at once????? You go here!!! On your time. Be it 10 am, 10pm….whenever.

If you found me this way, welcome!! I’m mom to the most amazing girl who’s 19 months old, and ours through the miracle of domestic open adoption. I’m back to working close to full-time (I’m sort of in denial) and enjoy volunteering for any good cause (especially if there’s a silent auction to run). I hope this blog entertains, keeps friends and family somewhat updated and serves as a testimonial to the miracle of adoption. It also serves as a scrapbook of my life currently, because, let’s face it, if I actually did that, I wouldn’t have time to blog!

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  1. Ciao from Italy from another Michelle who loves cappuccino…if only I could find a barista to write my name in it 😉 I look forward to learning more about you!

  2. Hi Michelle – I thought I had stumbled across my own blog for a minute. I am Michelle – have a daughter who is a similar age and I love coffee too! Thanks for hosting the party.

  3. Hiya, I’m here to P.A.R.T.Y 🙂
    And it’s exciting that I get to comment first! (Although, since you’ve got comment moderation on, I’m probably not actually the first, doh!)
    Anyway, free free to come over and party at my place too.

  4. Hello Michelle; welcome to the Ultimate party. Happy to visit you. I live in Birmingham, England and have had a Star Trek Journal for nearly 2 years. Please drop in and enjoy it all.

  5. hehe, you’ve got the same coffee “artist” as I do on my blog! too funny!
    *there’s over 600 now!

    following the Ultimate Party Trail
    *Dont’ forget to check out the party favors @ the 160!*

  6. Hallo und Guten Tag from Germany.
    I’m very glad to meet you.
    Nice blog! Let’S party!!!!

    I brought ya some selfmade low fat crisps and diet icetea. I hope you like it.
    If so, please stop by my blog later this day. There you’ll find the recipe for the crisps.
    You’re invited to my party!!!

    Hugs from Germany,
    Sweet like Kitty

  7. Crashing the party (late as usual) to wish you a fabulous weekend – thanks for the invite and…um…is there any dip, left!?!

  8. Hello Michelle! It’s so nice to stop by and meet you!
    Isn’t this party just amazing? I am loving all the new blogs I have found thanks to the party!

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