Just like on Sex & the City!!

NOT. Ok, the only way my life resembles that TV show is that it’s 6pm on a Friday and I’m drinking a Cosmo. I’m in suburia, have toddler snot on my shirt, my glass is plastic, and my entire outfit cost less than $50, so obviously, the only thing that has my thinking “carrie bradshaw” is my drink. Which is goooood.

Other ways my like is not like Carrie B’s:

Tomorrow we are going shopping!!! (for a new dishwasher. fabulously more exciting than a pair of shoes at this point in my life) Did you know that behind the panel of a d/w is a piece of courrogated cardboard? And behind that is the mechanism that works the timer/soap release, and that’s it?? M taught me that this week. Thus the reason we are going shopping tomorrow.

I am going to dinner tomorrow night downtown with a girlfriend!
(to a Catholic Life Network dinner) Girls’ night out with a prolife theme, if you will.

We are going to a show on Sunday!! (to the Murat Circus) yes, the Circus is in town, and we’ll think M will dig it!

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