On the Mend….

It appears that the mysterious virus or whatever is leaving. Only one of L’s ankles hurts today and the fever is about gone. The only thing I can attribute it to is the power of prayer, certainly NOT modern medicine. Although I do give our doc’s office kudos for trying. Yesterday afternoon I did speak with our PA again, and she talked me down off the ledge, listened intently to all of my theories and politely reiterated that they couldn’t treat something they knew so little about, save the CBC info they did get back. When in doublt, just attempt to sleep it off, I suppose.

I got a job offer this morning…..the offer for the job I’ve already been doing. But it was nice to be asked, rather than “told” as in the past, and I was told that the $$ person would be calling me too. Now that the school’s been down an adminstrator for how long, AND another person is gone as well, maybe there’s a raise in my future?!? Not likely. Actually, I’d be happy with more comp time, quite honestly. I’ve blown through all of my time off, so more would be nice. Who knows. Not thinking about it til next year (that gives me, what, a week?).

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