Cysta, let me tell you about the wallop-polyp of a day so far

So far. Because I’ve stopped asking, “what next?”

Sybil turned in her resgination today. After a week of collecting Christmas gifts from the parents and the school board, she turned in her letter and her key. In time *NOT* to work (I think) the days she’d previously volunteered to cover the week of Jan 2nd in the all year room. Nice. Because I have time to deal with that. Actually, I’m not dealing with that.

M is 100% recovered, it seems. She spent this morning with a friend and is down for the count now. L is no better, no worse. Needing to make a plan concerning that, because waiting until sometime next week to go back to the doc’s isn’t sitting well with me. Me? I’m too busy to worry about me!

GOOD THINGS: the shopping is done. the laundry is done. everyone’ s currently asleep. the rain should stop soon. and as my aunt so wisely emailed to me last night , I am putting it in God’s hands. oh, and the school board gave us each TWO bottles of wine. Funny, and oh-so-appropriate. And needed.

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