Seriously, why haven’t I been able to leisurely hang around the internet, reading blogs of interest, googling assorted things that come into my head?? I have no idea, but I just know that things just keep getting busier and busier and busier. AUUGGGHHH!

Strange things I’d write more detailed antedotes about if I had the time:

1) M and her fascination with everything Christmas. I WILL find the time to post on this. It may be March, but I will post.

2) Some jackass stole my JoAnn’s ETC coupon yesterday. I kid you not. You know how they always put a 40% off coupon in the sunday paper? Well, I hadn’t put anything in my cart yet-just the sales flyer. And I was in the ribbon aisle, which is tiny, so I left the cart on the end of the aisle. I came back, the flyer was gone!! Bastards.

3) M’s first visit to the chiro. She did fine, he thinks it might help. I haven’t noticed anything different about her.

4)M’s joy at discovering I was making cookies today. She’s never seen me do that before (it must be Christmas). She ran around the kitchen saying, “Coo-kie! Coo-kie! Coo-kie!” She saw them as batter in the bowl. She saw them baking in the oven. She saw them cooling on the rack. SO exciting. Cookies for everyone!

That’s it–laundry, dishes, other assorted tasks are calling. Blah.

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