Notes from the Doc

The great thing about having a doctor apt during naptime is that a) I got to leave work a little early and b) we were home at 2pm for the day. Ahhh

The bad part about it? Baby Girl more than likely will not sleep until tonight. I dozed a bit in her room when we got home, she went about tearing open her drawers and pulling out clothes. And tried to put her socks on my feet. And shrugged her shoulders when they didn’t fit!!!

I digress. The doc says Yup, there’s fluid and Yup, tubes are the way to go. The nurse who schedules the procedure was out today, so she’ll call next week to set it up.

The other avenue I’m pursuing is the chiropractic one–M’s coming with me on Monday. I’ve heard of “adjusting” helping the sinuses and ears, so the doc working on me will look at M as well. He said it would be obvious (to him) if he could do anything to help or if she would benefit from some tubes. So we’ll see. I’d like to explore all avenues before subjecting her to surgery, but as all three docs (family, chiropractic, ENT) have pointed out–the beginning of winter is NOT the time to have fluid in your middle ear. So there you have it.

I’m off to catch my sleep-deprived daughter who’s just closed the door to her room…with a shoe in one hand and a jumbo black Sharpie in the other!!!!!

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  1. I’m so glad that soon you won’t have to deal with ear infections any longer. I’m interested to read your update on the visit with the chiropractor…crossing my fingers.

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