Situation: exactly the same

Yes, it seems that I’m in the percentage of people that the “select nerve block” doesn’t really help. He found the nerve (when he touched it I felt it down to my toes), applied medication, and um, nothing happened. I mean, the local numbness stayed for about an hour. After that? Not really any different. Except the injection site was sore. Nice, huh? Next in line at the doc’s office is outpatient surgery (to “shave” a little of the disk material that’s hitting the nerve and causing pain). Not ready for that. So I’m exploring other options, like PT or a chiropractor or something. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but certainly NOT getting cut open can’t hurt as badly as getting cut open.

It other things, M seems have recovered from her cold and is learning words left and right. In a week, she’s started using “jacket”, “cracker”, “keys”, and “stars”. Rather an eclectic mix of nouns, but I’ll take them!! Her last two canine teeth (bottom) are almost in. Once they are done, then we *should* have a break before her last set of molars. How is it that she’s got all of her teeth? A year ago she was completely toothless.

The working world drama is still turning…Sybil has been sick for two days, so today was her first day back. Everything “seemed” normal. We know it’s not. Now we are just waiting for her to go on another bender, so to speak. I’ll be sure to transcribe as much of the drama to the blogosphere as possible….

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