I think it is safe to announce that Baby Girl is almost completely better!! She’s been awake more, eating more, the rash is almost gone, the green oozing is done, and she’s, well, back to her fiesty self. What a relief!!

A Different Subject All Together

When I originally got the phone call, I didn’t think that it was overly odd. It wasn’t till I actually started to recount the story that I started thinking, “WTF?”

Last week I got a phone call confirming L’s upcoming dental appt. We knew that it would be an expensive co-pay, and the receptionist calling kindly quoted the amount so that we would be prepared on Monday morning.

Then she added, “You know, we are currently running a special right now to help people catch up on deliquent accounts. Your account is in good standing, but I’ll extend the offer to you anyway. If you pay in cash on Monday, you’ll save 10%.”

“Oh cool. So is a check or direct debit card OK?” I ask, jazzed about a potential discount.

“No, it actually has to be cash.”

Ok! Thankfully our bank (in Meijer, of course) has Saturday counter hours, because the amount needed was beyond what I could take out at the ATM in one shot. I sent L off to the dentist with more actual cash then we usually touch in a month (having a cash back debit card).

In hindsight, it was very mafia-esque. I mean, they’ll have to deposit the cash just like they’d have to deposit a check. They are going through our insurance company, so it’s not like it’s an unrecorded, under the table transaction.

Am I wrong here? Am I missing something?

3 Replies to “Healed”

  1. THAT IS SO WIERD! Definitely sounds fishy! Hope L is feeling well! and I am so happy to hear that M is feeling better! That is great news! I did some Christmas shopping for Little Miss M this weekend–I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!
    Great job supporting the mafia! Keep up the good work! LMAO!

  2. Thank goodness the monkey is back to climbing around! We’d been watching the blog, waiting for a sign.

    Yay Miss M!!!!!!

  3. It was just a small thing. But because they couldn’t make change, they knock off another $3.50. Woo Hoo. I thought they were passing the savings on to us.

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