Make it Three: Potty Time?

Ok, this is CRAZY….but M has started looking for places to sit when she needs to go potty. Seriously. What’s so crazy about that??? Let me count the ways:

1. She’s 12 months old!!

2. I noticed

3. I felt the need to blog about it.

Of those 3, which is the craziest part? I’m not sure. Anyway, tonight during “naked time” (after bath) she totally and purposefully sat on the top stair and peed. And Grandma’s, she sat in the booster seat (it was on the floor) and pooed. Yesterday she carried her stool (piece of furniture, not bodily waste) into the bathroom where I was and sat on it next to me. Am I crazy?!?!? (and for which part?)

And this is probably why that cartoon from a few days ago has me laughing outloud (still).

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